Wiener Staatsoper – who is the owner?

One of my friends asked me who the owner of the Vienna State Opera House is

Wiener Staatsoper organization and ownership, as for Austria’s top 5 Theater Houses, is determined by the “Bundestheaterorganisationsgesetz” (BThOG)

One of my friends asked me the question “Who owns the Wiener Staatsoper these days by the way?”. This is easy to answer. Hold tight and read:

The major Austrian Theater Houses (Wiener Staatsoper, die Wiener Volksoper, das Burg- und das Akademietheater) are considered by law as the representative “Bühnen” (=stages) of the Republic of Austria, and are governed by the “Bundestheaterorganisationsgesetz” (BThOG) <- one word! you know German has long words...

According to this law, the Staatsoper belongs to the company “Bundestheater-Holding Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung”, which belongs 100% to the Federation of Austria (Bund).

To understand the ownership and Governance, you need to read § 3 of the Austrian Federal Law, the Bundestheaterorganisationsgesetz. Essentially it says that the four major Austrian Theater Houses (Bühnen) above including the Wiener Staatsoper belong to a company called: “Bundestheater-Holding Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung” which is founded by the Federal Chancellor, and which belongs 100% to the “Bund”, the Austrian Federation = the Federal Government of the Republic of Austria.

Read the “Bundestheaterorganisationsgesetz” (BThOG) here

You can read the “Bundestheaterorganisationsgesetz” (BThOG) here – by the way, its just being revised: Bundesrecht konsolidiert: Gesamte Rechtsvorschrift für Bundestheaterorganisationsgesetz, Fassung vom 13.07.2015

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