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Japan’s Mobile Phone Industry and u-Japan (Talk announcement)

Title: “Japan’s Mobile Phone Industry and u-Japan” Date and Time: Thursday, 12th October 2006, 17:00-19:00 Location: Main Conference Room 4F, EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation, Tokyo Agenda: Japan’s mobile phone and broad-band markets are about 3-6 years ahead of Europe: new services are typically invented or first brought to market in Japan, 3-6 years earlier […]

Ludwig Boltzmann

Ludwig Boltzmann – 100 Years

Founded 10 years ago here in Tokyo, our company continues a great tradition of European excellence combined with Japan’s great traditions, Japan’s creativity & vitality & excellence. Ludwig Boltzmann (February 20, 1844 – September 5, 1906) is our company’s founder’s great grandfather – and one of our company’s great inspiration. We are working hard to […]