Blue laser diode book with Shuji Nakamura – the back ground story

The Blue Laser Diode: The Complete Story (2nd Edition) Springer Verlag, Heidelberg Blue laser diode book – GaN based light emitters and lasers (1st Edition) Since I have been working for many years on GaAs research, as soon as I heard Shuji Nakamura’s talk at one of Japan’s applied physics conferences, I understood the importance, […]

Kyoto, Nara, Uji – tips

Kyoto tips: tell me the top-10 things to see! I wrote the first version of this Kyoto tips page for my god-daughter who visited Japan with her boyfriend last year, and she asked me “Gerhard – tell me the top-10 things to do in Kyoto!”… Kyoto is both a town (Kyoto-Shi 京都市) and a Province […]

Tips for Vienna (Wien) – enjoy your time in Vienna like a real Wiener

Vienna: have fun in Wien like a real Wiener Here are some tips for Vienna, if you visit Vienna for holidays or conferences, or live in Vienna! Vienna: Lots of friends ask me for recommendations when visiting Vienna, so I wrote up some tips here, I’ll keep updating these tips, so let me know any […]

Japan Cloud computing impact and trends

Japan cloud computing impact and trends, keynote article Software eats everything, and cloud eats software… we all see a strong trend of all data and computing to move to “the cloud”, because if done well, managing data and computing in the cloud can be far cheaper than on computers and on storage that you or […]

BBC interview about SONY earning results

Helped BBC with the article “Sony earnings boosted by weak yen and smartphone sales“

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