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Corporate governance in Japan – views of an Independent Board Director of a listed Japanese Company

Prime Minister Abe urges reform of corporate governance Slow but steady change… Reuters reports that Japan’s Prime Minister Abe urges company boards to reform corporate governance to include independent directors. I added the following comment. Corporate governance in Japan: exercise of shareholder power and emergency situations The question of independent Board Directors is often framed […]

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Japan’s electronics conglomerates: Whats the difference between Apple/IBM vs Sony/Panasonic/NEC?

Why are Apple/IBM/Microsoft/Google so very different compared to SONY/Panasonic/NEC Need for corporate governance reforms in Japan My friend’s question: Why are Apple/IBM/Microsoft/Google so very different compared to SONY/Panasonic/NEC Gerhard Fasol’s answer: Profit and growth. Apple and IBM grow and are highly profitable. Sony, Panosonic and NEC have no growth and no profit for 15 years […]

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Foreign companies in Japan’s high-tech markets: new opportunities versus old mistakes (Lecture at Stanford University)

Success stories vs failure. Why some foreign companies succeed in Japan’s high tech sector, and why others fail. Stanford University Japan Technology Center lecture by Gerhard Fasol, given in 1999 – most still applies today! New opportunities vs old mistakes – foreign companies in Japan’s high-tech markets Stanford University lecture, given on October 28th, 1999 […]