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Japan’s globalization paradox: is Japan global? or struggling to globalize?

Japan’s globalization puzzle: intriguing questions by one of my great European friends, a great European banking sector leader How do you explain Japan’s lack of internationalization with so many big Japanese holdings managing successfully businesses abroad (e.g. Toyota, Toshiba, Mitsubishi, etc.) Japan’s globalization paradox – a closer look Its not so simple: Japan is a […]

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Wiener Staatsoper – who is the owner?

One of my friends asked me who the owner of the Vienna State Opera House is Wiener Staatsoper organization and ownership, as for Austria’s top 5 Theater Houses, is determined by the “Bundestheaterorganisationsgesetz” (BThOG) One of my friends asked me the question “Who owns the Wiener Staatsoper these days by the way?”. This is easy […]


Best wishes for 2015 from Tokyo!

The photograph shows the Gobelsburg Castle in Austria, you can see the location here on Google maps. A castle of this name is mentioned in 1178, and wine is grown in the region for about the last 1000 years. Thoughts and analysis for 2015 Abenomics?! The trick of course is the third arrow, the reforms. […]

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Keep fit and save electricity: climb the stairs the geeky way

Keep fit and save electricity Geeky way to persuade people climb the stairs – see in in Tokyo/Shibuya Its not easy to persuade people to climb the stairs instead of taking the elevator. Tokyu Hands store in Shibuya found a geeky way to persuade people to Keep fit and save electricity at the same time: […]

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Corporate governance in Japan – views of an Independent Board Director of a listed Japanese Company

Prime Minister Abe urges reform of corporate governance Slow but steady change… Reuters reports that Japan’s Prime Minister Abe urges company boards to reform corporate governance to include independent directors. I added the following comment. Corporate governance in Japan: exercise of shareholder power and emergency situations The question of independent Board Directors is often framed […]


Japan’s new energy policy – interview by The Economist

Japan’s new energy policy: interview for The Economist on YouTube Japan’s new energy policy – interview outline: Japan’s new energy policy Question: Is the new energy policy of Japan’s Government an appropriate response to the situation or a missed opportunity Answer summery:The Government in its new strategy summarizes Japan’s energy situation and proposes a cocktail […]

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Professor Frank Kelly, Master of Christ’s College, Cambridge and Professor of the Mathematics of Systems

Professor Frank Kelly speaks about the future of Cambridge University and of Christ’s College Frank Kelly, Professor Francis Patrick Kelly FRS, Master of Christ’s College, Cambridge, and Professor of the Mathematics of Systems, gave us his view of Cambridge today at the Cambridge Oxford Society of Japan in Tokyo. Professor Frank Kelly: In Cambridge the […]

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Social media revolutionize how we market brands (Ray Bremner, President & CEO, Unilever Japan)

Ray Bremner, President & CEO of Unilever Japan gave a talk at Waseda University From Advertising to consumers to mattering to people My key take-away is that social media have made the top-down “begin told” way of advertising obsolete, and replaced it by finding, sharing and engaging. About Unilever: Unilever was founded in 1929 by […]

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Japan’s electronics conglomerates: Whats the difference between Apple/IBM vs Sony/Panasonic/NEC?

Why are Apple/IBM/Microsoft/Google so very different compared to SONY/Panasonic/NEC Need for corporate governance reforms in Japan My friend’s question: Why are Apple/IBM/Microsoft/Google so very different compared to SONY/Panasonic/NEC Gerhard Fasol’s answer: Profit and growth. Apple and IBM grow and are highly profitable. Sony, Panosonic and NEC have no growth and no profit for 15 years […]

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Briefing the Trade Minister of Sweden, Dr. Ewa Björling, on Japan’s energy sector

Lunch today with the Trade Minister of Sweden, Dr. Ewa Björling, chaired by the Ambassador of Sweden. Was asked to brief Minister Björling and a delegation of Swedish CEOs about Japan’s energy sector. Gave Minister Björling a 20 minutes presentation followed by discussion. Dr. Ewa Björling is extremely impressive, she is dentist, teaches virology at […]