Gerhard Fasol – physicist, entrepreneur

Gerhard Fasol

chairing a panel on Open Innovation at the Rakuten Technology Conference 2018

on Japan’s corporate governance reforms:

Working since 1984 with Japan and since 1991 in Tokyo

Gerhard Fasol is Founder, Producer and CEO of Eurotechnology Japan KK which he founded in 1997 in Tokyo. Eurotechnology-Japan focusses on energy, IT and telecommunications, and works with many foreign companies on their growth in Japan, and has worked on 100s of projects since 1997. Prepared SIEMENS’ entry into Japan’s environmental technology markets, worked on NTT-Communications entry into Europe, helped a French pharmaceutical company acquire a Japanese factory.

Eurotechnology Japan KK

In 1984, Fasol recognized Japan’s importance in technology and the relatively weak links with the rest of the world, and decided to focus on Japan in addition to physics and business. Fasol’s company helps Japanese technology companies globalize, and foreign companies to succeed and grow in Japan.

Ludwig Boltzmann Forum

The Ludwig Boltzmann Forum as a global leadership forum focussing on energy, entropy and leadership, founded and chaired by Gerhard Fasol.

Ludwig Boltzmann Forum

Trinity in Japan

Trinity in Japan Society is a club for exchange of ideas and discussions and cooperation open to Fellows, members and alumni of Trinity College, Cambridge. We have regular events in Japan.

Trinity in Japan Society is a Trinity College Officially Recognized Group, and recognized by the University of Cambridge as an alumni group.

Founded and chaired by Gerhard Fasol.

Board Director and corporate governance reforms

  • GMO GlobalSign Holdings KK (TSE:3788) ( March 18, 2014 – March 18, 2018): Gerhard Fasol served as Member of the Board of Directors and Member of the Supervisory & Audit Committee of the Board of GMO GlobalSign Holdings KK (Tokyo Stock Exchange Code 3788).

(according to The Economist of June 6, 2015, there are 274 (0.7%) non-Japanese Board Directors out of 40,000 Board Directors at publicly traded Japanese companies).

Semiconductor electronics R&D as Faculty of Tokyo University, Cambridge University, Trinity College/Cambridge:

Previously, Gerhard was a faculty member of the Electrical Engineering department of Tokyo University, and was one of the first foreigners to build an international research group in Japan. In addition, Gerhard was the first non-Japanese to complete a “Sakigake” research project at Japan’s Science and Technology Development Corporation.

Before coming to Japan, he was a manager of Hitachi’s Cambridge Research Laboratory; a permanent faculty member in the physics department at the Cavendish Laboratory of Cambridge University; a director of studies and teaching fellow at Trinity College; and a member of the scientific staff of the Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research in Stuttgart.

Gerhard co-authored The Blue Laser Diode: GaN-based Light Emitters and Lasers, and he has written about 80 scientific papers.

He is frequently asked to brief VIPs about Japan’s technology sector and is a regular commentator for CNBC, BBC and other global programs on financial results and trends of major technology companies in Japan, Korea, and China.

Gerhard Fasol is also one of the few Non-Japanese who has served as Japanese Government Official (国家公務員).

Gerhard Fasol graduated with a PhD in Physics of Cambridge University.



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