Gerhard Fasol: Software engineering

Gerhard Fasol software engineering

Gerhard Fasol started software development around 1972 first coding in HPL on Hewlett-Packard Desktop computers of Ruhr-University Bochum. Gerhard also coded in HPL for HP desktop computers later for experimental analysis during his PhD research work on time-resolved luminescence at Cambridge University (Cavendish Lab).

First high-level computer languages learnt and used: ALGOL and FORTRAN.

First major coding and software engineering project: creating a model for the heat/temperature regulation of the human body using systems of coupled differential equations. Designed and coded solving the coupled differential equations using finite difference methods, coded in FORTRAN and implemented on IBM360. (Research assistantship project at the Institute of Physiology, Dept of Medicine, Ruhr-University Bochum).

Gerhard created code for main frames, UNIX workstations, DEC PDP-11, Cray-Supercomputers, Mac-OS and several other systems.

Many scientific software projects to interpret and predict scientific experiments, including:

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