Events (Fasol laboratory, University of Tokyo)

Gerhard Fasol

University of Tokyo, Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Fasol Laboratory – Nanostructure Devices Laboratory (1993 – 1996)

Fasol lab events

  • “Physics in industry – perspectives from Japan”
    11th General Conference of the European Physical Society : EPS-11 : Trends in Physics
    Time: 6 – 10 Sep 1999, London, UK (40 minutes)
    Invited plenary talk (40 mins)
    Place: London
    Speaker: Gerhard Fasol
  • “Spin-polarized Electrons in Semiconductors and in Mesoscopic Devices”
    Spring Meeting of the Japanese Physical Society in Kanazawa:
    Time: Tuesday 2nd April 1996, 15:15-16:05 (50 minutes incl. discussion)
    Special Invited Lecture Nr. 2pF5
    Place: Kanazawa-University, Lecture-Room F
    Speaker: Gerhard Fasol
  • “Can we see atoms inside a crystal with an electron microscope”
    Tuesday 6th February 1996, Institute of Industrial Science, Univ. Tokyo,
    Speaker: Professor Dirk van Dyck
    Head of Dept. of Physics, Director of Vision Laboratory,
    Co-Director of Electron-Microscope Group (University of Antwerp)
  • “Semiconductor Device Physics from Conjugated Polymers”
    Monday 5. February 1996, Institute of Industrial Science, Univ. Tokyo,
    Speaker: Professor Richard H. Friend, F.R.S.
    Cavendish Professor, Cavendish Laboratory, University of Cambridge, U.K.
  • “Cross-Cultural Communication” (In Japanese Language)”
    Monday 22 January 1996, 18:00-20:00,
    German Chamber of Commerce in Tokyo,
    Speaker: Gerhard Fasol
    Audience: Japanese Executives of German and Japanese Companies
  • “What C++ Is and Why?”
    Dr. Bjarne Stroustrup
    Head of AT & T Bell Labs Large-Scale Programming Research Department and AT & T Fellow, created and implemented the computer language C++.
    Dr. Bjarne Stroustrup will give a talk at the Institute of Industrial Science on 14 November 1995
  • “Electron Spin Effects in Semiconductors: Spin Relaxation, Spin-Effects on the Bandstructure, Possible Device Applications>”
    Friday 6 October 1995, 13.30
    Institute of Industrial Science, Univ. Tokyo,
    Speaker: Gerhard Fasol
  • “Development of novel electronic, opto-electronic and magneto-electronic devices and research trends in Japan in semiconductors”
    “Entwicklung neuartiger elektronischer, opto-elektronischer und magneto-elektronischer Bauelemente und Forschungstrends in Japan auf dem Gebiet der Halbleiter”
    Monday 18 September 1995, 18.00, German Embassy Tokyo, Technology Seminar Series,
    Speaker: Gerhard Fasol
  • “Blue light emitters for displays, data storage, and traffic signals –
    Recent breakthroughs by Nichia Chemical Industries Ltd.,
    background & implications”
    Speaker: Gerhard Fasol, University of Tokyo, and JRDC
    Time & Date: 4PM, Wednesday 2 August, 1995
    Where: Asian Technology Information Program (ATIP), Tokyo


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