Gerhard Fasol – Business

Gerhard Fasol

Gerhard Fasol is physicist and entrepreneur in Tokyo/Japan, founded Eurotechnology Japan KK in 1997

Gerhard Fasol – Business projects

Gerhard Fasol has acquired and managed 100s of business projects, for which in all cases he had the final delivery responsibility to clients.

Projects include:

  • M&A
    • helped French pharmaceutical company acquire a pharmaceutical factory near Tokyo, including managing the environmental and regulatory due diligence
    • …..
  • Strategy, business development
    • For a major Japanese glass manufacturer: global marketing strategy to introduce environmentally friendly alternative lighting systems to global markets, following initial product success in Japan
    • For one of the largest global electrical manufacturers: comprehensive research and mapping of Japan’s environmental technology markets covering most areas, including waste incineration, renewable energies, co-generation, recycling, soil pollution, lean production, etc and prepare market entrance strategies for European multi-national to enter Japan’s environmental technology markets for products and services
    • For one of Japan’s largest telecommunications companies:
      • map competitive landscape of European internet services and internet markets
      • prepare market entrance strategies for 16 different industry areas
      • prepare partnership/ investment/ M&A discussions with major European telecommunications group s
      • introduce potential European acquisition targets
    • Working with a major Japanese electronics manufacturers helping to double revenues within about 5 years
  • Market research, worked on 100s of market research projects, including:
    • Japan’s environmental technology markets
    • Japan’s energy markets
    • Japan’s renewable energy markets, including particularly solar energy generation
    • Japan’s telecommunications markets
    • Japan’s emergency telecommunications markets
    • Japan’s market for mobile phone base stations
    • … and 100s more areas….
    • and including our multi-client market research reports on Japan’s telecom and technology sectors for download here.
  • Due diligence
    • environmental and regulatory due diligence on a pharmaceutical factory
    • technology, product, management and business due diligence on a Japanese fuel additive company for an investment fund considering investment
    • …..
  • Analyst work and advisory for fund managers and financial industry mainly on technology inflections and impact on investments
    • estimate impact of potential outcome of patent litigation in the GaN LED field
    • electronic money and mobile payment
    • GaN LEDs and solid state lighting
    • software for smart phones
    • …..
  • Energy and renewable energy
    • market research and strategy advisory for a US investment fund on Japan’s energy and renewable energy sectors
    • currently working on solar electricity generation plants, including a pipeline of about 50 projects with a combined power of around 950 MegaWatt
    • …..


Customers include many of the worlds largest corporations including:

  • Siemens
  • NTT Communications
  • Asahi Glass
  • TeliaSonera
  • Swisscom
  • and 100s more…

Government agencies:

  • European Union (EU)
  • Finland’s research agency TECES
  • Japan’s Science and Technology Agency
  • and many more…

as well as many small and medium-sized corporations