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Gerhard Fasol has presented research results at a large number of scientific conferences on his scientific research, and over the last 15 years has been invited speaker at a large number of international conferences, Chamber of Commerce events, Embassy events. Some of these are listed here.

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“Japan’s electronics industries: mono zukuri”

  1. Sony earnings boosted by weak yen and smartphone sales (1 August 2013)
  2. Sony reports first annual profit in five years (9 May 2013)
  3. What happened to Japan’s electronic giants? (2 April 2013)
  4. Samsung to buy 3% stake in Japanese rival Sharp (6 March 2013)
  5. PlayStation 4: Expert views on Sony’s games console reveal (20 February 2013)
  6. CES 2013: Can Japan’s tech firms reverse their losses? (8 January 2013)
  7. Renesas shares flat despite a $1.8bn bailout deal (11 December 2012)
  8. Yen ‘not the cause of woes of Japan’s electronics firms’ (15 November 2012)
  9. Sharp shares jump on Intel investment report (14 November 2012)
  10. Sony executives face weary shareholders at AGM (27 June 2012)
  11. Sony and Panasonic announce TV panel tie-up (25 June 2012)
  12. Toshiba in $850m deal to buy IBM’s point-of-sale unit (18 April 2012)
  13. Elpida plunges 98% after bankruptcy protection filing (29 February 2012)
  14. Japan watchdog halts fund on fears over lost assets (24 February 2012)
  15. Former Olympus chairman arrested in accounting probe (16 February 2012)
  16. Prosecutors raid the HQ of Olympus in earnings probe (21 December 2011)
  17. Olympus saga to have far-reaching consequences in Japan (10 November 2011)
  18. Can Sony succeed where Sony-Ericsson partnership failed? (13 October 2011)
  19. The earthquake’s economic impacts (23 March 2011)
  20. Japan’s ambitious digital future (16 June 2009)

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