Gerhard Fasol: Technology and R&D and physics

Gerhard Fasol

Electronics and solid state physics R&D projects include

  • Development of Raman scattering methods for the investigation of coupled surface plasmons in GaAs based superlattices
  • Time-resolved luminescence analysis of ultra-fast electronic processes
  • Invention of a new method to grow ultra-thin (4nm) metal and magnetic nano-wires
  • Spin electronics and magnetic memories
  • Development of simulation and visualization software to visualize electron wave propagation in quantum devices
  • Development of a ultra-high hydrostatic pressure cell for electrical measurements under ultra-high hydrostatic pressure


R&D project planning, finance, management and execution

Gerhard Fasol has hands on lab bench R&D experience since 1975 working on a large number of experimental solid state physics / electronics research projects, and since his appointment as Faculty Member at Cambridge University in 1986, for most projects he was the Principal Investigator, responsible for proposing the projects, winning research funding in a competitive selection process from the funding agencies (UK Science and Engineering Research Council (SERC), Japan’s Science and Technology Agency (STA), University of Tokyo and others), and from industry (e.g. British Telecom).

Gerhard Fasol is one of the few scientist, who has successfully proposed, been granted and brought to success research projects both at Cambridge University, and University of Tokyo, as well as Max-Planck-Institute.

For list of scientific publications see: List of Publications, Patent Applications and Books.

  • Cambridge University, Cavendish Laboratory
  • University of Tokyo
  • Science Technology Agency of Japan (JST), Sakigake Project

R&D project execution

  • Cambridge University, Cavendish Laboratory
  • Max Planck Institute for Solid State Science, Stuttgart
  • RIKEN, Japan
  • Ecole Normale Superieure, Paris, France
  • Hitachi Laboratory Cambridge
  • Tokyo University, Dept of Electric and Electronic Engineering
  • Japan Science and Technology Agency
  • Science and Engineering Research Council SERC, UK

Research Funding record – Gerhard Fasol

  1. Japan: Japan research project funding record
  2. UK: SERC
  3. France: Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  4. EU:

Eurotechnology Japan KK

At Eurotechnology Japan KK, Gerhard Fasol is currently working on a number of R&D projects and more are planned.