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Blue laser diode book with Shuji Nakamura – the back ground story

The Blue Laser Diode: The Complete Story (2nd Edition) Springer Verlag, Heidelberg Blue laser diode book – GaN based light emitters and lasers (1st Edition) Since I have been working for many years on GaAs research, as soon as I heard Shuji Nakamura’s talk at one of Japan’s applied physics conferences, I understood the importance, […]

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Blue GaN LEDs take over Christmas

Since Shuji Nakamura’s first commercialization of GaN LEDs (read the Blue Laser Diode Book) LEDs are progressing rapidly to make the US$ 400 Billion global lighting industry more environmentally friendly, reducing CO2 output and reducing electricity bills for lighting dramatically. Recently rail stations in Japan have begun to test plug-compatible replacement of fluorescent tubes by […]

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“Recent Development in Blue Laser and Nanoscale Materials” (Princeton University)

Gerhard Fasol gave a talk at the Department of Electrical Engineering of Princeton University, on Monday April, 4, 1998, at 4:00pm. Title: “Recent Development in Blue Laser and Nanoscale Materials”