Japan’s media revolution – a European perspective

Presentation to a delegation of Denmark’s media leaders: printed media, newspapers, radio, TV

at the Embassy of Denmark

March 1, 2010

Topic: “Japan’s media revolution – a European perspective”


  • Why is there no NOKIA in Japan?
    • Is Japan’s market difficult and closed?
    • What can we learn?
    • Nokia tried for 20 years to build a business in Japan and failed
    • Vodafone acquired Japan’s third largest mobile + fixed net telecom operator and failed
    • Airbus started very very late – and therefore has sold almost no airplanes in Japan Why?
    • You must listen to Japanese customers to build a healthy business in Japan
  • First to market in Japan vs Galapagos effect
  • Media and TV industry overview
  • Mobile TV
  • Cross platform example: BeeTV
  • For more details see our Report on Japan’s Media