[Trinity Japan] Mikael “Mickey” Adolphson: “Japan’s Medieval Economic Miracle” 16 Dec 2021

[Trinity Japan] Mikael “Mickey” Adolphson: “Japan’s Medieval Economic Miracle” 16 Dec 2021

Mikael “Mickey” Adolphson

Mickey Adolphson is Keidanren Professor of Japanese Studies at Cambridge University, where Mickey has also created the “Japan and the World” program, and many other initiatives.

See: https://japanandtheworld.org/adolphson-inaugural/

Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies:


Mickey is Fellow and Director of Studies at Trinity College.

Currently, in parallel to his positions at Cambridge University and Trinity, Mickey is Fellow at the Swedish Collegium for Advanced Study, Uppsala, Sweden, where Mickey is pursuing research on the development of coins and monetised economies comparing medieval Scandinavia and medieval Japan. See:


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