Japanese management – why is it not global? asks Masamoto Yashiro at a Tokyo University brainstorming

Lecture summary written by Gerhard Fasol, with revisions by Mr Masamoto Yashiro. All Rights Reserved. Contact us by mail Receive an email with a link to download our article on Japan’s Corporate Governance reforms when you register for our newsletters: Masamoto Yashiro: Japan leader and Chairman emeritus of Esso, Exxon, Citibank, Shinsei Bank Masamoto Yashiro […]

Junichi Hamada, President of Tokyo University

Professor Junichi Hamada: expert on law of journalism, freedom of press and media regulation Attended Professor Junichi Hamada’s presentation at Tokyo University. Professor Hamada is expert on the legal aspects of journalism, freedom of press and media regulation. Professor Hamada will be the new President of Tokyo University from April 2009. In his presentation Professor […]

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