Panel Discussion to 200 Japanese Executives at the Industrial Club of Japan

May 30, 2006: at the Industrial Club of Japan

Panel discussion for about 200 Japanese CEOs and high level managers about the challenges of international business management.

The five panelists were:

  • James C Abbeglen
    Allen Miner (CEO of Sunbridge Venture Habitat, and founder of Oracle Japan)
  • Kong Jian (China – Japan Economic Federation)
  • Koshiro Kitazato (Chairman of BT Japan)
  • Gerhard Fasol (CEO Eurotechnology Japan KK)
Industrial Club of Japan
Industrial Club of Japan

By the way – several years earlier Hitachi Board Member Takeda had invited me for lunch at the same Industrial Club of Japan – before the reconstruction of the building – to persuade me to leave my tenured position at Cambridge University, and to become Manager of the Hitachi Cambridge Laboratory.

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