3G Summit & Mobile Payment workshop

22-25 January 2007 MarcusEvans organized the “Global 3G Evoluation Forum” in Makuhari near Tokyo.

Speakers included:

  • Takanori Utano, Executive Vice-President and CTO of DoCoMo,
  • Takehiro Nakamura of NTT and Vice-Chairman of 3GPP
  • Jean-Pierre Bienaime, Chairman of the UMTS-Forum,
  • Gaston Ormazabal of Verizon Labs

and many other leading mobile communications managers from all over the world.

Jointly with Jan Larsson, General Strategy Manager of TeliaSonera International Carrier division, I chaired all sessions all day on Wednesday January 24, 2007.

On Monday, January 22, 2007, I held a three hour workshop about “Mobile Payment”.

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One response to “3G Summit & Mobile Payment workshop”

  1. Gerhard, I came to this blog just googling after reading your great presentation for Standford University.

    Now I’m living in Japan for a while, and researching for my final thesis for my University in Spain, about Telecommunications in Japan. So, very useful info, and I also agree in many points described in your speech.
    Thank you!

    It’s a pity that I am late to apply for the 3G submit :-( as mobile technologies is the field where I am specializing.