A German perspective on M&A in Japan

German Embassy in Tokyo

April 24th, 2008

Title: A German Perspective on M&A in Japan

  • The background, the drivers:
    • High Euro, low valuations in Japan
    • Globalization, must have critical size
    • Technology
    • Europe’s business is under-developed in Japan
  • The Landscape:
    • M&A is generally at lower levels than in UK/US
    • recently M&A transactions are rising:
  • Types of M&A:
    • strategic vs financial
    • friendly vs hostile
  • M&A: the process
    • Finding the target: “why should I pay for that?”
    • The deal: in Japan money often not always win!
    • Due diligence: often overlooked in Japan – especially by foreign companies!
    • Post-merger: culture is really difficult, must do your homework to succeed!