Briefing the Trade Minister of Sweden, Dr. Ewa Björling, on Japan’s energy sector (22 Nov 2013)

Lunch today (22 Nov 2013) with the Trade Minister of Sweden, Dr. Ewa Björling, chaired by the Ambassador of Sweden. Was asked to brief Minister Björling and a delegation of Swedish CEOs about Japan’s energy sector. Gave Minister Björling a 20 minutes presentation followed by discussion.

Dr. Ewa Björling is extremely impressive, she is dentist, teaches virology at Karolinska Institutet, is Deputee of Rikstaget (the Parliament of Sweden), and Trade Minister of Sweden. According to Dr. Ewa Björling’s website, she plans to double Sweden’s exports within five years.

My presentation to Minister Dr Ewa Björling was based on our reports on
Renewable energy in Japan and
Japan’s energy sector

A few months ago, I was invited to discuss Japan’s energy sector with the Energy and Natural Resources Minister of Canada, Mr Joe Oliver, see here.

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