Economist on 3G: "Vision, meet reality"

Just read an article in the Economist:

“Mobile 3G telecoms: Vision, meet reality”

which quotes ITU’s 2000 vision for 3G (ITU = International Telecommunication Union):

The device will function as a phone, a computer, a television, a pager, a videoconferencing centre, a newspaper, a diary and even a credit card…it will support not only voice communications but also real-time video and full-scale multimedia. It will automatically search the internet for relevant news and information on pre-selected subjects, book your next holiday for you online and download a bedtime story for your child, complete with moving pictures. It will even be able to pay for goods when you shop via wireless electronic funds transfer. In short, the new mobile handset will become the single, indispensable “life tool”, carried everywhere by everyone, just like a wallet or purse is today.

Interestingly, every single detail of ITU’s 2000 3G-vision has now been realized now by DoCoMo in Japan.

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One response to “Economist on 3G: "Vision, meet reality"”

  1. Hello there! This is very inspiring and will love to experience this myself. The problem is, I may see a ‘problem’ with this technology; and then I would like to build a solution :-/.

    Let me point out that NON or better phrased, ‘a deviation’ has been created to realising these visions.

    I am not an advocate of 2.5/3/3.5 G, as I see it, its a waste of valuable semi conductors. Why build a solution that now requires bridging with the Internet?

    What I see in this vision has not yet to be realised Doc.

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