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Professor Frank Kelly, Master of Christ’s College, Cambridge and Professor of the Mathematics of Systems

Professor Frank Kelly speaks about the future of Cambridge University and of Christ’s College

Frank Kelly, Professor Francis Patrick Kelly FRS, Master of Christ’s College, Cambridge, and Professor of the Mathematics of Systems, gave us his view of Cambridge today at the Cambridge Oxford Society of Japan in Tokyo.

Professor Frank Kelly spoke in Tokyo about Christ's College, Cambridge. In the past Cambridge competed only with Oxford, today competition is global
Professor Frank Kelly spoke in Tokyo about Christ’s College, Cambridge. In the past Cambridge competed only with Oxford, today competition is global

Professor Frank Kelly: In Cambridge the Colleges provide the personal connection, while the University provides the scale

In the past Cambridge competed with Oxford, and Oxford’s saw Cambridge as the only competitor. Today this picture has changed dramatically, both Cambridge and Oxford compete globally, and especially more and more now with Asia, such as China, Korea and Japan. In order to keep ahead in this global competition, Cambridge needs more headroom for research.

Professor Frank Kelly: The North West Cambridge Development

One big venture is the North West Cambridge Development:

  • 150 Hektar
  • 5000 post-docs
  • 2000 graduate students
  • 600 million pounds
  • 11,000 cycling space reflecting Cambridge customs

Professor Frank Kelly: Cambridge University’s first bond

To the financing contributed a 350 million pound bond, which was awarded AAA rating (which according to Professor Frank Kelly is a better bond rating than the Government of the United Kingdom currently achieves).

Professor Frank Kelly: the role of “benefactors”

We have the annual Benefactors’ Dinners at Cambridge and Oxford Colleges. “Benefactors” used to be the people, who founded the Cambridge and Oxford Colleges 100s of years ago, and who we have as oil paintings on the walls. However, this picture has changed in the last 20-30 years. Today, our benefactors are also living people, our alumni, who are living benefactors, role models and inspirations in their professions for our undergraduates.

Professor Frank Kelly: about alumni

Colleges today have several stake holders: undergraduates, graduates, Fellows and alumni, and alumni are by far the largest group by numbers.

We have a good business model, where the cost of each student to the College and the University is partly paid by fees, and part from elsewhere. However, this business model is difficult to scale to larger numbers. So our size in terms of student numbers is likely to remain as today.

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