Lord Martin Rees, Astronomer Royal in discussion with Trinity in Japan

[Trinity Japan] Lord Martin Rees, Astronomer Royal in discussion with Trinity in Japan

Video discussion with Lord Martin Rees, Astronomer Royal, Founder of the Centre for Existential Risk at Cambridge University

Lord Martin Rees in discussion with Trinity in Japan on 31 July 2020. Topics discussed include the recent Nobel Prize for Didier Queloz, existential risks to humanity, exoplanets and extraterrestrial life, the possibility and conditions on planet Mars and on other planets and exoplanets, and experimental programs to detect extraterrestrial life, and the current situation at Trinity College Cambridge in the virus crisis.

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Lord Martin Rees

Martin achieved many discoveries in astrophysics and astronomy including the origin of cosmic background radiation black holes, quasars, and gamma ray bursts. Martin is Astronomer Royal, was Master of Trinity College, and President of the Royal Society. Over his long career and today, Martin had and has many important leadership positions, and has received many prizes and distinctions.

Recently Martin founded the Centre for the Study of Existential Risk at Cambridge University: https://www.cser.ac.uk, where Martin is studying fundamental threats and risks to humanity and us humans on planet earth:


More about Martin:

English: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Martin_Rees
Japanese: https://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/マーティン・リース
and you can find some of Martin’s books here on Amazon:

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Japanese: マーティン・リース

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