"XBox 360 Lounge" in Tokyo/Aoyama

XBox has not yet achieved the breakthrough in Japan’s competitive game markets – and Microsoft is relentlessly working to make XBox a success in Japan. Here some pictures of the new “XBox 360 Lounge” in Tokyo/Aoyama: Copyright·©2013 ·Eurotechnology Japan KK·All Rights Reserved·

Consolidation in Japan’s game industry

Japan’s mobile game software companies are global superpowers. They are all historically grown and linked to other industry sectors, such as characters, arcade games, pachinko (pinball parlor) machines. For details read our report on Japan’s mobile game software sector While the market for traditional home video gamesoftware is rapidly shrinking, a landslide shift is underway […]

Ig Nobel Prize for Peace to the inventor of Karaoke

There is a saying the that the Prophet is not recognized within his/her own country – and I think that the inventor of Karaoke, Inoue Daisuke (井上 大佑) is not as famous in his own country as he deserves – but he was now recognized for his outstanding invention by the “Ig Nobel Prize” committee […]

Tokyo Game Show 2004 – smartphone games, mobile games at the center

Tokyo Game Show 2004: smartphone games, mobile phones games the most exciting topic Games are one of the drivers for mobile phones – and mobile phones are a driver for games. So the Tokyo Games Show is the place to go… Tokyo Game Show 2004: Docomo’s mobile game partners Eurotechnology Japan report on Tokyo Game […]

Masaru Ibuka (1908-1997), founder of SONY, obituary for NATURE

Masaru Ibuka obituary in NATURE by Gerhard Fasol Masaru Ibuka (1908-1997), founder of SONY After Masaru Ibuka (井深大) died on December 19, 1997, NATURE asked me to write an obituary about Masaru Ibuka, which was published in Nature on February 26, 1998, and you can download the article as a pdf-file here. The reference is: […]

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