Wiener Staatsoper – who is the owner?

One of my friends asked me who the owner of the Vienna State Opera House is Wiener Staatsoper organization and ownership, as for Austria’s top 5 Theater Houses, is determined by the “Bundestheaterorganisationsgesetz” (BThOG) One of my friends asked me the question “Who owns the Wiener Staatsoper these days by the way?”. This is easy […]

Keep fit and save electricity: climb the stairs the geeky way

Keep fit and save electricity Geeky way to persuade people climb the stairs – see in in Tokyo/Shibuya Its not easy to persuade people to climb the stairs instead of taking the elevator. Tokyu Hands store in Shibuya found a geeky way to persuade people to Keep fit and save electricity at the same time: […]

Social media revolutionize how we market brands (Ray Bremner, President & CEO, Unilever Japan)

Ray Bremner, President & CEO of Unilever Japan gave a talk at Waseda University From Advertising to consumers to mattering to people My key take-away is that social media have made the top-down “begin told” way of advertising obsolete, and replaced it by finding, sharing and engaging. About Unilever: Unilever was founded in 1929 by […]

Alexa Meade paints MINI @109 in Shibuya

Found Alexa Meade’s art in Shibuya today: Who is Alexa Meade? Watch Alexa Meade’s TED talk: Alexa Meade // Sheila Vand

Kyoto, Nara, Uji – tips

Kyoto tips: tell me the top-10 things to see! I wrote the first version of this Kyoto tips page for my god-daughter who visited Japan with her boyfriend last year, and she asked me “Gerhard – tell me the top-10 things to do in Kyoto!”… Kyoto is both a town (Kyoto-Shi 京都市) and a Province […]

Tips for Vienna (Wien) – enjoy your time in Vienna like a real Wiener

Vienna: have fun in Wien like a real Wiener Here are some tips for Vienna, if you visit Vienna for holidays or conferences, or live in Vienna! Vienna: Lots of friends ask me for recommendations when visiting Vienna, so I wrote up some tips here, I’ll keep updating these tips, so let me know any […]

Entrepreneurs Roundtable – “Risk Aversion During Crisis Event”

I was one of the two keynote speakers at today’s Tokyo Executive’s Round Table Event about “Riek aversion during crisis events”. William Saito and myself discussed with a group of about 20-30 entrepreneurs and Tokyo based business people about how our organizations, our customers, our staff and ourselves coped with the March 11, 2011 disaster, […]

Smart has the brains stupid has the balls (Fashion store in San Francisco)

Seen in a fashion store in San Francisco:

Coffee with the Foreign Minister of Austria in Tokyo, Mr Michael Spindelegger

Was invited to coffee with the Foreign Minister of Austria, Mr Michael Spindelegger, at the Embassy in Tokyo. Minister Spindelegger is in Tokyo for celebrating 140 years of Austria-Japan diplomatic relations, and he gave a short presentation. Another reason for the Minister’s visit to Japan is that both Japan and Austria are non-permanent members of […]

Speech by Japan’s Chief-Cabinet Secretary Takeo Kawamura (河村建夫)

Japan’s Chief Cabinet Secretary Takeo Kawamura (河村建夫) gave a speech at the Foreign Correspondents Club on December 17th, 2008. Kawamura is born in Hagi (Kawaguchi-ken – a beautiful Castle Town in the west of Japan’s main island, which is also host to many famous potters). Kawaguchi was Education Minister in Prime Minister Aso’s cabinet. In […]

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